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                                Strange But True

Since about ten years now, I have been joining mailing lists as a means of research into the minds of people everywhere. I have been on lists of all types of subjects just to get a variety of information of how our world thinks. Some lists have been just friendly chat with little to no remarkable posts, however, there are the lists that are so beyond any normal conversation that you might over hear in a crowded restaurant or the waiting room of a doctor’s office that I have decided to present here. These conversations you most likely won’t even hear nor participate in at a family reunion, the dinner table or even among friends at a gathering. My guess is that these are the things that are heard in psychiatrists’ offices, on TV for a fantasy program or read in books for entertainment. That brings this question to mind for me; are these people serious or are they merely engaging in these conversations as a means of entertainment? You can’t get an honest answer if you ask that as they will swear it is the truth. Some have even written books about their “alternate” realities as though they were telling about last week’s visit with Grandma and Grandpa. Where does the reality of our world end and the alternate reality for them begin? I suppose it is different for each person who has a tale to tell.

The following pages of this site will hold some really far out
posts from mailing lists. Despite their claim that they can keep their lists private, there is no law stating posters have to abide by those rules, and believe me, not many do. Don't pour out your crazy little hearts on lists unless you want the attention.

(The reason for the name Valinsana sort of speaks for itself. Val-in-sana. Seems those who believe in a visitor from Venus or any other place for that matter who proclaim contact or belief in an entity called Valiant Thor. Thus the Val. The comic book Valiant Comics is a healthier reading because you know you are reading fantasy.Valiant Comics came about in 1989 by members of Marvel Comics. However,  Prince Valiant was created in 1937 and lately there has been another Valiant Thor enthusiast that writes fantasy naming her character Prince Valiant. I hope she realizes this may create a legal to-do, even though words or names cannot be copyrighted there may be an infringement.  He too is lovingly referred to as Val. Only Dr. Stranges knows; well knew since he is departed, whether or not he named his character in his work Valiant after the division of angels called Valiants, the warrior angels since Stranges degree was in Theology and he used his character to preach his form of religious diatribe. Stranges was a writer of science fiction whose work was originally sold as such with different names, but after others paved the way to the New Age UFO groups, Stranges opened up and told of his "true" meeting with the mysterious visitor from Venus. Perhaps he would be more believable to the thinking public had he written from the start as a true believer and left out the old fashioned style of science fiction and told the truth, if there is any. Perhaps had he not switched from third person point of view to speaking in first person as if he experienced it first hand. The again, there are those who slurp up every word he wrote about Valiant Thor and pay out big bucks to belong to his organization, which goes on beyond his passing and the letters once written by Frank Stranges are now being written by his widow. The correspondence baton between Earth and Valiant Thor has been passed on, and some say have been written by her for many years. Why when the conduit named Frank Stranges passed on to whatever awaits us all, would a supreme being such as said to be, Valiant Thor, connect with Stranges's widow? And what about the many other claims of messages being given to others who claim to be channels for this being?)
Valiant Thor is but one of the so called messengers from space that have contacted what are now referred to as contactees. We will touch on those as well, the mysterious photos of Billy Meier and his German-Swiss girlfriend  whose image was used to fool believers that she was a visiting alien from space named Samjese. It took a break-up of their relationship for her to come forward and show her face, the very one that Meier photographed and claimed was his Aryan or Nordic space visitor. Also the young man who told of how he helped the one armed man, Meier, create the model space craft that were used in the photos.
Anyway, let's start with the one voted the most popular in UFO fairy tales, Valiant Thor.